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CorPeuM 23 noviembre 2017 Monthly reporting making analysis and consolidation management

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The Belgian Institute of Management Accountants and Controllers

Afternoon seminar: Controller for Controllers - Monthly reporting making analysis and consolidation management 

A Framework for Strategic Reporting and Learning by Frank van Bouwel, Chief Architect at CorPeuM.

Event Details

Announced speakers:

1. The Digital Controller for Management Reportings by Vittorio Vercammen, Business Development Manager at EMAsphere.

To date, still too many finance professionals lose way too much time on monthly reporting analysis, consolidation management practices, etc. However, the focus should never be on the creation of those reports itself. Time should be freed up as to be able to actually gain the necessary insights, communicate them in an efficient and effective way, make the right strategic decisions at the right time, and act upon them as soon as possible. Manual, time-consuming efforts in the data manipulation and report creation stage should thus be reduced. EMAsphere aims to help out by offering the right digital management reporting tool for SME’s…

2. Value of Management & Financial Reporting by Armond Khajakian, Partner at XB4 Consulting.

What are the main differences between management and financial reporting in terms of content, process, people and systems? Furthermore, find out how both financial and management reporting can help you in your decision making process.

3. A Framework for Strategic Reporting and Learning by Frank van Bouwel, Chief Architect at CorPeuM.

Defining a strategy for your company is a hard process. And once the strategy has been defined, it is even harder to execute it.
To keep focus on the way towards the defined goals, management needs a system that:
  • Clearly exlains the set goals, priorities and targets and communicates them to all stakeholders
  • Links the strategy to supporting initiatives, projects and investments
  • Allows to monitor the progress towards the goals, assess the gaps and improve execution
  • Supports a learning process by providing a framework to discuss questions like “is our strategy working?”, “are we executing as planned?” and “do we need to adapt?”This session will explain how to build a framework supporting strategy execution and strategic learning and how technology can help us achieve this.
Timing of the day:

12h00– 13h00 Welcome with sandwiches
13h00 – 15h30 Presentations
15h30 – 16h00 Coffee break
16h00 – 17h30 Guided tour of the brewery 
17h30 – 19h00 Networking with beer tasting

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