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User Day Sigma Conso - Report of our meeting on June 7, 2016

On June 7, 2016, we held our International User Day in the beautiful Auberge du Pêcheur in Ghent, Belgium. The User Day is the perfect opportunity for our clients to discover the newest functionalities of the software and to discuss the use of our applications with other clients and the Sigma Conso team.

This year, about 100 clients were present on the event. The following presentations were scheduled, on which we had a really positive feedback: 

  • To begin, Dominique Galloy (Managing Director of Sigma Conso) explained the latest company news. Some key points:
o   The focus of Sigma Conso on 3 business units, being Software, Academy and Advisory
o   New trade names for our software applications, resulting in a full CPM suite offer comprising Consolidation & Reporting, Intercompany and Planning
  • Vincent Cornil and Werner Priels proceeded with a presentation of the new functionalities in the Consolidation & Reporting and Intercompany applications
  • Sébastien Jacobs and Dorien Roes showed how the different tools can be integrated
  • Valérie Hocepied shared some tips and tricks of the consolidation and reporting tool: advanced formulas, reporting functionalities, the disclosure assistant...
The afternoon offered 2 streams of workshops:
  • Marie Frangville (Cogent Communications) presented a specific case of analyticalmanagement reporting
  • A second workshop was held with the topic: "the optimization of your planning and budgeting process"
  • Sigma Conso Insight module was presented to simplify the analysis of financial data
  • The topic of translation differences was highlighted during a 1-hour presentation of one of Sigma Conso 's senior consultants
  • Allen White, founder of Sigma Conso, gave an interactive presentation about thefuture of consolidation.
Evening conference Business Analytics
In the evening, we held a conference in partnership with TriFinance: “Business Analytics: a new era?”.
On this conference, Serge Vigoureux from TriFinance first got more into detail about what is really meant by the topic business analytics. He focused on cash flow models and forecasting and ended up with a maturity model of financial planning.
Afterwards, Sébastien Jacobs from Sigma Conso explained that improving collaboration between finance and operations is crucial and how it can be achieved in an organization. He also presented a case study on how to create cash flow forecasts with Sigma Conso’s software module Planning. 

Si desea optimizar sus procesos de consolidación e informes, contacte con nosotros y le ayudaremos a alcanzar sus metas.

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