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Increase your productivity and improve the quality of your consolidated reporting

Services and expertise with Sigma Conso

Take advantage of Sigma Conso’s services and expertise to increase your productivity and improve the quality of your consolidated reporting

We offer services for various situations :

A first consolidation? Optimizing the closing process? Managing complex transactions? Converting to IFRS standards?

Our team of dedicated consultants are consolidation experts who help our clients with these issues every day.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Technical assistance for the creation of consolidated accounts
  • Preparing initial public offerings
  • Conversion to IFRS standards
  • Organization and optimization of the consolidation process
  • Development and implementation of inter-company account reconciliation procedures
  • Creation of consolidation manuals
  • Consolidation of subgroups, simulations, consolidation by business unit, business sector, geographical area, etc.
  • Evaluation and implementation of CPM solutions
  • Implementation of reporting projects and OLAP tools
  • Building of interfaces with accounting and ERP systems to optimize and secure information flows

Consolidation outsourcing

You are experiencing your first consolidation?
You don’t have the right expertise within your staff?
You don’t want to spend time and money on software that will be used only once a year?

Yet, your obligations to shareholders, auditors, investors are very strict and require a professional answer.

We develop a solution that perfectly matches your needs. We take care of every technical aspect of your consolidation, ready for review by the auditor.

Our experts apply a standard methodology, internationally known.
  1. After discussion and evaluation, we provide an estimate of the budget.
  2. We define the consolidation planning together.
  3. We confirm these aspects for you in a mission letter.

We perform your consolidation, using our own software.

Our commitment

We guarantee the respect of the planning and the technical quality of the consolidation application. In this process, the Corporate Governance Law is fully respected, each stakeholder (the client, SigmaConso, the auditor) being fully independent.

Your benefits

  • Cost effectiveness: no internal technical resources or training needed
  • No investment: pay per use service, per consolidation
  • Time saving: you can free time for other matters
  • Quality: our software is the reference in statutory consolidation and allows full accountability and traceability over the years
  • Availability: you can access your consolidation any time, via a secured on-line access
  • History: your group is growing and you would like to take over the consolidation internally? At any time you can buy the software or use it in SaaS mode. You still benefit from the history of all your consolidations.

You need an ad interim consolidator?

Our specialists can manage your consolidation using your own application when necessary.

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